Caneggs Whole Egg Powder

Made from 100% Natural Grade-A, Non-GMO Eggs

Caneggs Whole Egg Powder

Caneggs Powdered Egg yolk is a clean source of hormone free, non-GMO, rich and creamy in flavour, nutritional ingredient for baking and cooking needs. Egg white portions offers structure and leavening and Egg yolk has emulsifying qualities and stability


Spray-dried pasteurized Whole Egg

Usage and Application

The Natural Rich Flavour of Egg is the signature of a Good Product, dried Whole Egg delivers consistent results and is ideal for baking and industrial applications where fresh liquid or frozen Eggs are used.


  • Cookies
  • Cake and Cake Mixes
  • Salad Dressings
  • Sauces
  • Egg Noodles
  • Ice cream

Nutrition Facts and Certification

Caneggs Egg Yolk Powder Nutritional Panel

Why Buy Caneggs Whole Egg Powder


High in Quality and Nutrition

Caneggs Whole Egg Powder delivers correct Nutritional values and consistent results in Cooking and Baking without any wastage.


Manufactured in Canada

Our Whole Egg Powder as well as our other products are proudly produced in a Canadian facility, taking pride in employing and manufacturing locally.


Stable Shelf Life

Our product is a stable, with shelf life of 15 months making this an easy storage solution. 


Easy to Use

Our Whole Egg powder is packed in recyclable cartons with no refrigeration needed. It is easy to store and use.