Pure Proteins Low Carb with Egg White Powder

  One of the most recommended strategy, a nutritionist recommends is to incorporate balance diet in your daily meal intake. Rather than going on a very intensive diet of supplements it is easier to add them to your daily food you like having a balance meal of carb, fat and protein is essential for our body requirements. Egg white protein from Caneggs Canada is one such ingredient that compliments your daily diet when incorporated in your food; Easiest way is to take any juice, flavored yogurt and add to the product, mix it thoroughly and viola … Every 100 gms of Caneggs egg white protein, Gives you 70 gms of protein to your body. With a complete amino acid profile, Caneggs Egg White Powder is a healthy, natural supplement to your daily routine. Remember, Always consult a health professional for how much protein you need.