Egg White Protein Powder For Smoothies

Caneggs is the leading egg white protein powder to use in your recipes, such as smoothies. Caneggs has a 2-year shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated. Just be sure to store them in a cool and dry place. It also does not leave a sticky residue to clean up. If you would rather avoid cracking eggs and separating yolks, Caneggs egg white powder is the solution.

Our egg white powder whips just like fresh egg white and, thanks to pasteurization, it can be used without cooking or baking. Thanks to our careful and thorough pasteurization process, there is no need to worry about salmonella contamination. If necessary, your egg white smoothie can be a meal replacement. Caneggs has no flavor so it will not get in the way of the other smoothie ingredients. Body builders were the 1st to discover the benefits of egg white powder smoothies. They realized egg white powder posed no risks and had very few side effects.

Caneggs are very easy to take with you on the road and out of town — no more worries about messing up your diet when you are not home. Our egg white powder has all nine essential amino acids, which break down food and repair body tissue. Your smoothie recipes will contain much less cholesterol since the majority of cholesterol is found in egg yolks. Caneggs are also a good source of protein, which will keep you going during the day. Egg whites digest in the body at a moderate speed. Egg whites contain 67% of the protein in a whole egg. Egg white powder can help lower your cholesterol.

To make a one-ounce liquid egg, white combine two tablespoons of egg white powder and two tablespoons of warm water. This is the equivalent of one large, regular egg. Caneggs has no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids and is kosher. Caneggs are also safe to use for people with lactose intolerance. Smoothies made with egg white powder can help you lose weight and build muscle. Ingredients such as egg white powder can even help you exercise better. Egg whites are also a good appetite suppressant, which will naturally reduce your calorie intake.

Instead of using water or milk in your smoothie, combine one cup of liquid egg whites with half a serving of protein powder. Egg whites contain 110 calories, 25 grams of protein, no fat and 2 grams of carbohydrates. Caneggs are not genetically modified and do not contain any artificial flavors. Egg whites contain selenium and vitamins A, B, D, and E. The ‘Cooking Channel’ website has nearly 150 smoothie recipes that can be easily made with egg white powder. The ‘Food Network’ website has just over 1,000 smoothie recipes.

Caneggs is the leading supplier of egg white powder in Canada. We only use Certified Canadian Grade A eggs. These eggs come from local farms and a special network of Canadian egg producers. To place an order of Caneggs, fill out your information on the contact page, or call 416-492-3492. A 454-gram bag will cost you $38.99 while 2 kilograms of egg white powder will cost you $99.99.

Egg White Protein Powder For Smoothies
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