Caneggs’ affiliate marketing program is a process created to reward our most creative consumers. Social media influencers can monetize their streams by mentioning and leaving links to our heathy products in their publications. Any sales made by people visiting our website through their affiliate links are generously split with them, and any monies earned are quickly paid-out upon request.

camera shows people cooking with Caneggs, egg white protein powder

Media publishers can earn generous commissions by promoting our goods using an affiliate link. The affiliate partner is rewarded with a payout on every sale, and this can add up to a significant cash reward over time.

How Caneggs affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is a terrific way for our consumers to share our products with their followers and earn money on every sale. The relationship benefits all stakeholders; the business and the marketer gains revenue, while the customers get more personal recommendations from a trusted source. Anyone interested in the program can find more information on the Caneggs’ Affiliate Marketing Program page.