Caneggs Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate program gives you an opportunity to Boost
your income and business network.

Looking for an Opportunity to make an Extra Income?

Are you a publisher or content creator based in Canada looking for ways to boost your income and grow your network? Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic way to leverage your expertise online by way of commission earned on products sold through your link. 

Caneggs Affiliate Program

Our Products are perfect for affiliate marketing and more likely to drive customers through effective campaings and promotions, boosting your brand awareness and network. 

Why join Caneggs Affiliate Program?

Caneggs Affiliate programs are performance-oriented. What you get out is directly proportional to what you put in.

Online Distribution

Our products are mostly for Online distribution



We have a scalable product line

In-demand Niche

Our products fits into in-demand niche of Protein Enriched, Healthy Products and used extensively in Baking.


Growing Trend

Healthy Eating and Living is an evolving Growing trend for both the consumers and Brands.


Expanding your Network and Shareability through usability, health benefits of our products


How it works?

A perfect affiliate marketing campaign is beneficial for every stakeholder. The business and the marketer gains revenue, and customers get more personal recommendations from a trusted source.

How Affiliate Marketing works
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