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About Caneggs

Led by Sam Dhutia, Caneggs is Canada’s foremost supplier of spray-dried egg white powder for the Canadian healthcare, baking, and cosmetics industry. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Caneggs only uses certified Grade A Canadian eggs to produce all its products. To ensure we produce the best and purest form of egg white powder, Caneggs undergoes a rigorous process of testing and sorting even the best-picked eggs. In the recent times using our egg white powder, Caneggs has also ventured into the production of value-added products like protein pan cake mix, waffle mix, and hair masks to name a few.

Sam Dhutia

The Story Behind Caneggs

Story behind Caneggs Canada

What led to the formation of Caneggs

Daily protein intake plays a vital role in the creation and maintenance of every cell in our bodies. It fuels our cells and powers our bodies. But do we consume an adequate amount of protein daily?

On average, our body needs about 58 grams of protein daily. To ensure that our everyday meals include the same could be a challenge, given our speedy lifestyles. And, this remains a battle most of us continue to fight.

To end this continuous battle and produce an easy-to-use protein-packed product, we created Caneggs—the ultimate egg white powder.

Why is Caneggs the most preferred brand

Made from the goodness of the best Canadian spray-dried egg whites, Caneggs egg white powder gives you the choice to explore a lot more. It not only serves as an excellent source of protein, but can also be used as a modern substitute for egg whites when baking, in skin packs, and hair masks. That is exactly what we wanted to offer—a modern protein supplement with the traditional benefits of egg whites, yet easy to use and store.

With Caneggs egg white powder, you have the choice to consume it to achieve your fitness goals, use it as a baking ingredient, or add it to your face/hair mask as a nourishing agent. The idea was to give you a multipurpose product that encourages you to up your protein consumption in the form you like! So, whip up a protein smoothie, top it up with your salad, make cupcakes using it, or mix it in your face mask, we promise you the best results no matter how you use it.

Caneggs is the most preferred brand
Caneggs uses innovation to bring more protein-packed products to life

How Caneggs uses innovation to bring more protein-packed products to life

At Caneggs, we are committed to bringing easy-to-use, hassle-free, and protein-enriched choices to you. Using the versatile nature of our very own 100% pure Caneggs egg white powder, we have successfully introduced value-added products under the umbrella of Caneggs. In recent times, we launched the protein pancake mix, waffle mix, and hair pack, all produced with the goodness of Caneggs Egg White Powder. Our motto is to continue offering modern, quick-to-make, protein-enriched products that make lives simpler and healthier.

Why Caneggs

Best Grade A Canadian Eggs

Canadian eggs are produced with the highest hygiene standards to ensure that the eggs we pick to manufacture our products are fresh and of superior quality. No steroids, growth hormones, or antibiotics are used in Canadian eggs. Source:

Top Quality Pasteurization

Our Caneggs Egg White Powder undergoes a rigorous process of pasteurization to eliminate any possibility of salmonella contamination; making the Caneggs Egg White Powder and all our value-added products very safe and most preferred.


Protein-Enriched and Healthy Products

Our Caneggs Egg White Powder is packed with protein, minerals, vitamins (A, B, & D), and essential amino acids. All our products are healthy and rich in protein as we use our very own egg white powder to produce each of them.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

At Caneggs we are committed towards a greener environment. Hence, we are conscious of our product packaging making them as eco-friendly as we can.