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We bring to you supreme quality powdered eggs made from only the best Canadian eggs.

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The goodness of multiple benefits, in one ingredient.

Whole Egg Powder

A Nutrient-Rich Solution for Convenience and Flavor!

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Why Caneggs

We provide modern, easy to use, protein-enriched powdered Eggs

Daily protein intake plays a vital role in the creation and maintenance of every cell in our bodies. It fuels our cells and powers our bodies. But do we consume an adequate amount of protein daily? The average person needs about 58 grams of protein daily. Ensuring that our everyday meals provide enough protein can be a challenge. Caneggs Powdered Eggs provide the needed healthy protein to supplement our daily diets.

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Egg White Powder 2kg


The ultimate egg white powder (albumen) made from spray-dried liquid egg whites. Multipurpose, protein-packed with all essential amino acids.


A box of Caneggs Egg yolk powder 2kg on a wooden table


The ultimate egg yolk powder made from spray-dried liquid egg yolk.


2kg Box of Caneggs Dried Whole Egg Powder on a wooden table


Spray dried Whole Egg powder made from liquid whole eggs.


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Powdered Egg Recipes for Daily Protein

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Egg Powdered Beauty Tips

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Powdered Egg Recipes for Baking