Royal Icing Made With Egg White Powder Recipe

Royal icing made with egg white powder on cookies

Royal icing has a thick and creamy consistency and spreads like soft cream cheese. Egg white power is a favorite substitute for meringue powder when making royal icing because it’s easier and safer. While the risk is slight, it is possible for raw egg whites to contain food-borne pathogens, such as Salmonella. Fortunately, chefs can prepare royal icing with little or no risk by employing meringue powder or dried and pasteurized egg whites. The resulting dessert will have a longer shelf life. Cake icing made with fresh egg whites will only keep for a week, while sugary confections made with egg white powder can keep for up to two weeks in a refrigerator.


  • 160 grams icing sugar
    • 1 tbsp egg white powder
      • 2 tbsp water


        • Put the icing sugar in a bowl.
        • Add in the egg white powder.
        • Add the water in.
        • Whisk this until soft peaks form and that is all.
        • If it is too thick, add more water to thin it down.


        * Egg White Powder is an allergen. Use standard precaution measures before use.

        * Please consult your physician and/or personal trainer for personalized information on your daily requirements.

        cookies with royal icing made with egg white powder

        People Who’ve Made This

        “CanEggs powder works really well for most of the Baking recipes. Easy and quick to use as well good shelf life as compared to whole eggs “

        JANEL S.


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